Culture of a new kind.


Riverside Culture.


Art, music, film, literature - culture is the DNA of Riverside. On the one hand, we ourselves are cultural creators and producers. On the other hand we are consultants with a wealth of experience in cultural projects.


Culture is communication.


Riverside Culture conceives and realizes cultural projects. At the same time, we advise cultural professionals and cultural mediators as well as companies and organizations. It is our intention to connect artistis, cultural mediators, public, politics and business in the realization of sophisticated cultural projects.


Current projects:

DA Z   We have developed a platform for digital culture that will be publicized in spring 2020 with an public festival. More information:

UNFRAMED  Digital culture also includes digital photography. For this we have designed an online and offline platform, a web community and a festival. More information:

WHY ARE WE CREATIVE   The complex project of filmmaker Hermann Vaske is represented by us in Switzerland. More information: