The Global Community of Digital Art.


In spring 2020, an ambitious international festival for digital art will be held in Zurich for the first time: DA Z - Digital Art Zurich. DA Z is dedicated exclusively to digital and crypto forms of the avant-garde visual art.


Riverside Culture was asked by the DA S - Digital Art And Science Switzerland Association, to arrange the festival.


The DA Z festival shall renturn annually in early May: Exhibitions, installations, interventions, video screenings, performances, music events and talks at various locations in Zurich's art hot spot between the internationally renowned art center Löwenbräukunst and the ZHdK, Zurich University of the Arts which deal with the current developments in digital art.


A special feature of the DA Z and distinguishing it from other digital festivals is its exclusive focus on art. This means that social issues are not to be addressed in symposia or podium events, but solely in the forms of expression of digital art.


For more information please check out: www.da-z.net




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Neues Festival für digitale Kunst



DA Z: Zürich erhält ein neues digitales Festival